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Admitad.Affiliate network


You want to know:

What is Admitad?

It is a network that helps both publishers and advertisers to establish mutually beneficial cooperation. We will provide you with a wide range of ad creatives, statistics, technical support, various additional services and will make everything so that you have a decent income.

You will surely ask:

«Why Admitad is so good??»


    Withdraw money via WebMoney within 5 minutes or withdraw your earnings via bank or PayPal.

    We do not charge fees for withdrawals, but instead share secrets how to earn more.

    More than 100 exclusive offers to Admitad publishers. The hardest-working partners receive bonuses and higher rates from advertisers.

    We provide widgets, ReTag container, product feeds, promo codes and other tools and technologies to increase your conversion rate and get maximum feedback from your audience.
  • When it comes to online marketing, there is an option to use traditional methods of advertising such as ads and banners or use more modern ways.  Affiliate marketing is a more adaptive way to sell goods.  Founded in 2009, admitad  works with this technique. admitad worked its full system by March 2010 and is now considered as one of the leaders in the affiliate marketing organizations worldwide.In fact, the company aims to develop its market base and produce more output that will benefit its advertisers and publishers.  Modern advertisers prefer the latest use of the affiliate marketing strategies such as those present in admitad.  As a matter of fact, an increase in the percentage of the commissions for the advertisers has been noted.admitad aims to increase its presence in the market.  With seven offices located in strategic areas globally, it has offered a variety of rewards to its advertisers and publishers.  These perks include output payments on a weekly basis and more adaptable and user-friendly tools.Noticeably, among the first things that make admitad a must-have are the following:
    1. Easy to set up and sign up formats. Technically, among the details requested are just the basics. For beginners in the affiliate marketing programs, this is a quick and easy way to get the promotions for the products started.
    1. The availability of a mobile app that is easily downloadable online. This ensures that even in the mobile phones, you are able to access the account and review the movements of your marketing strategy.
    1. Five accounts can be connected to the mobile App. This means switching to different accounts with no need to log in or out.
    1. Plus, admitad gives you different packages on promotions as well as daily reports on your accounts.
    1. Customer service support on a 24 hour basis is also a positive note for admitad. Notably, this customer support system is also present in its mobile Applications.  This means even when you are traveling, admitad will be there to assist you in cases of inquiries.


Among the reasons why admitad is making waves in the affiliate marketing network is its promotions for its publishers.  These are the perks that are gained when one makes themselves a part of this network of advertisers.

If you are wondering you may not have a chance with this promotion, then you should have second thoughts.  Why?  admitad classifies their publishers into different categories based on their performance and buying levels.  This means newbies will be categorized together while those who are on the professional levels will be pooled in.

Points will be rewarded for every dollar earned.  Please note, though, that only upon the date that the publisher registered for the contest points will be added up.  Hence, any dollars earned prior to joining will not be considered, even if the Hot Summer Rally started on the 15th of June.

Also note, each class will have a different reward prize.  Hence, the more sales the publisher earns, the higher they will move up on the class and will make them have a better chance at winning bigger prizes.  Monetary rewards range from $1,000 to $ 5,000 per week until the promotion ends.

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