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Super Chewer Box


Super Chewer Box – it’s very different than BarkBox! Super Chewer toys are tougher, last longer, and are less likely to be choking hazards for dog.

All toys are designed by BarkBox and exclusive to Super Chewer.

A dog playing with dinosaur toys on a gold background

Toys made for the way dogs play,created by in-house industrial designers and tested by our own pups.

A dog catching a large treaton a dark blue background

Treats and supplements we trust to keep our dogs happy and healthy(without all the extra stuff).

A dog and their owner in front of the ocean on the beach

Taking a dog’s-eye view on where dogs want to go with their humans and how to stand out at the dog park, in a good way.

Group of people outside having a picnic with their dogs

Out-of-this-dogdamn-world experiences.

We put dogs front-and-center in everything we do to celebrate them as family members and help them spend more time together with their people.

Piranha toy on top of designs for new dog toys

Dog-first, data-driven design.

We take design seriously with more informed product development. From the first sketch to the final fluff — every shape, sound, style and story is meticulously considered, turning design into science.

Group of people playing with their dogs

Dog people get it.

Not sure what your dog is trying to tell you? Been there, sniffed that. Let’s talk! And yes, we definitely DO want to see a picture of your dog.

Our mission is to make all dogs happy.

We believe we can make the world a better place for dogs and their people by creating products and experiences that foster the health and happiness of dogs everywhere.

BARK is working to lower existing barriers to a dog-inclusive lifestyle and help dogs and their people stay together. Using education, technology, and volunteerism, we pledge to loyally serve as the voice for dogs in a human-led world.


New Themes Every Month


Image of dog toys & treats

2 Tough Toys

always fluff-free


2 Full Bags of Treats

always made in the USA or Canada


2 Meaty Chews

always all-natural

Illustration of a dog chewing a Super Chewer toy

“The effort that goes into these boxes is amazing! Molly is a crazy chewer so I was trying this as a last ditch effort—you did not disappoint.”



A whole crew of dog-crazy people in Columbus, OH are waiting for the chance to talk to you about your dog.

Have a question about Super Chewer?

Call, text, chat, or email — whatever you prefer!

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