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Rentomojo rents out furniture and equipment for personal or commercial use at monthly rentals with security deposits. The idea is totally unique and there is no direct competition out there. It is one and only trustworthy portal of India who is rocking the show in this sector. RentoMojo functions in six of the biggest metropolises of India including Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore and Noida. They are a professional setup that deals with only rental business. Unlike localized rental shops that provide only old and used furniture, two wheelers at RentoMojo, They also provide new/refurbished and quality furniture at extremely low prices.

The Brand


Hi! We’re Rentomojo, an online rental solution for your furnishing needs.

Why renting, you ask? Well, because we understand that unnecessary furniture and appliance costs aren’t the best investment options. So we decided to come up with an easier solution instead. We provide more than online rental services, we help you explore a world of possibilities. With our assured quality and prompt services,you can say goodbye to all the hassles that come with buying and say hello to convenience.

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Our Promises

Quality and your satisfaction are at the very core of our service.

  • Refundable security deposit

    We charge a nominal security deposit which is completely refundable. So, once your contract is complete and the damages verified, you get 100% of your money back.

  • As good as new

    With strict quality measures in place, we are committed to providing you products that are as good as new. We refurbish all our products with utmost care to truly enhance your rental experience.

  • Quick Responses

    Be it assisting you with orders and delivery or ensuring timely refunds and payments, our team is here to help you every step of the way. Just give us a shout out and we’ll respond in a jiffy.

  • Use first, pay later

    Unlike many services that charge a premium pre-paid rate, our subscriptions give you the convenience of monthly billing and payment cycles only after you use the products.

Complete Flexibility

Right from the products you pick to the tenure you select, every part of your subscription is flexible to suit your needs

  • Swap Products

    Bored with the same look? You can easily exchange products for a new one of same or higher value. And voila! You’ve got the same great convenience, and a brand new look! (Exclusive only for 36 Months tenure)

  • Extend or opt out anytime

    We understand the uncertainties of life. And that’s why you can extend or opt out of your subscription anytime with our flexible plans.

  • Relocate for free

    Change homes or even cities, without worrying about your subscription. With us, your subscription travels within the city and to 8 major cities across the country.

  • Transfer your subscription

    From your flatmate to your roommate, you can transfer your subscription to anyone with a simple documentation procedure.

We got you covered

We know maintenance is hard, and that’s why we provide you with free services to make your experience even better.

  • Annual cleaning

    With our annual cleaning services, we ensure that your subscription is always as good as new.

  • Damage waiver

    Scratches, tears and rips, we get the wear and tear that comes with regular usage of your products. Our waiver covers damages worth up to Rs. 1,000.

  • Free delivery

    Place your order, and leave the delivery hassles to us. We ensure that the products reach your doorstep, safe and ready for use.

  • Free maintenance

    We put our best foot forward to maintain your products. Replacement or repair, we do it all!

And a few more, because you’re special!

The advantages of choosing RentoMojo never seem to end. We’ve got lots more Easter eggs and benefits in store for you.

One time approval

Place multiple orders without going through the verification process over and over.

No Interest

Your RMI (Rental Monthly Installment) is interest-free and way more convenient that the heavily interest-ridden EMIs.

Pay less, use more

The longer you rent for, the lesser you pay. Our pricing is fair and offers you the maximum savings. As the tenure increases, so do your savings.

Fewer documents required

With only a few simple documents and publicly available details, your profile can be verified. Compared to loans, our documentation process is simpler, faster and hassle-free.

No manual intervention

Our high end systems allow us to automate everything from the verification process to the monthly bill calculation. This means lesser manual intervention, fewer errors, and a trustworthy process for you.

Lower down payment

When you choose EMIs, you end up paying either a larger interest rate, or a hefty down payment. With us, you don’t have to worry about either of those as our security deposit is nominal and completely refundable.

Rentomojo [CPV] IN

Rentomojo [CPV] IN

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