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Rentomojo rents out furniture and equipment for personal or commercial use at monthly rentals with security deposits. The idea is totally unique and there is no direct competition out there. It is one and only trustworthy portal of India who is rocking the show in this sector. RentoMojo functions in six of the biggest metropolises of India including Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore and Noida. They are a professional setup that deals with only rental business. Unlike localized rental shops that provide only old and used furniture, two wheelers at RentoMojo, They also provide new/refurbished and quality furniture at extremely low prices.

What our customers have to say
We are so happy to create smiles, allow us to create a happy story for you 🙂
When I moved to Bangalore from Chennai, I went to multiple websites to get a bed until I found out about Rentomojo. I rented a bed and mattress, just to try it out. They delivered it within a day and set it up at my place without any hassle. Now I sleep so peacefully that I always end up being late for work 😀
Navin Kumar
Standup Comedian
I got to know about RentoMojo through a friend and looked up for AC on their website and finally rented one. The delivery guys installed the AC in 2 days. And with a such a low deposit and rent, I didn’t have to spend a whole lot for my comfort. Thank you RentoMojo, for being so easy breezy on my pocket.
Anjali Sharma
Marriage comes with a lot of unavoidable expenses in India and spending a big chunk of your savings on furniture and white goods could be a big challenge. RentoMojo not just took away all our worries but in fact went to the extent of spoiling us. Where I could have owned just some bare essentials after making a huge hole in my pocket or paid unnecessary EMIs, I could smartly own a lot of stuff which would have come much later on my list. Heartfelt thanks to the whole Rentomojo team for making our renting experience completely hassle-free. It has been two great years and I am sure there are many more to come.
Kushal Tiwari
Rentomojo was unbelievably helpful. Never thought that setting up a new place would be just few clicks away. The customer support staff was on their toes to help me. Anytime I need something for my house, Rentomojo has it. 🙂
Shreyas Ravetkar
The thought of renting the furniture had never occurred to me. When I saw Rentomojo’s affordable range, I was super excited to try and it was really amazing. From service to product quality, everything was superb. I don’t have to carry the same furniture to every house I move to and can change the look of my home whenever I want 😬
Nikita Sharma
Creative Designer
I was suddenly asked to move to Chennai from Bengaluru in couple of days. Everything was garbled for me and huge tension of getting apartment, buying furnitures, selling while going back to Bangalore. Thanks to RentoMojo for excellent budgeted plans. With few mouse clicks and nominal security deposit u are done ☺. No tension for delivery, Rentomojo is a furniture wish wizard. Also takes care of relocation made my life easy. Happy to be a customer for Rentomojo. It made my house a happy home!

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