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Notta & Belle

Notta & Belle – is a store with the greatest presents for women! Our products are produced exclusively in Russia. We create new presents to make a woman light with pleasure.

We constantly improve ourselves, by adding new products and services and organize thematic landings for holidays.

Notta & Belle Target Audience:

Rose in a vile:

Men: 19-35 – for girlfriends, wives, mothers and daughters

Women: 22-35 – for friends, mothers, grandmothers, colleges and daughters.

Rose Teddy Bears

Men: 18-35 – for a girlfriend, a lover, a wife.

Women: 23-35 – for a sister, friends, a college.

Other products:

Men: 22-40 – Interests: business, relationship, love, romance.

Women: 22-40 – Interests: shopping, accessories, presents.


New Year, Valentine’s day (February 14), Women’s day (March 8), Graduation, September 1, Day of the Teacher, Mother’s day


No reason! To surprise your loved one (most popular); Birthday present (of a lover, wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, college); Love confession; Apology; Wedding day, Anniversary; Birth of a baby; Corporate holidays; 18th birthday.

To Who (priorities from high to low):

Loved One; Mother; Girlfriend; Wife; Lover; Grandmother; Friend; Sister; Daughter; College; Doctor; Teacher.

Consumers benefits;

  1. You can choose and order any product on our website. We have created easy-to-understand landing which will describe each product in details
  2. We deliver in Russia, CIS and Europe within 2-7 days. Languages available: Russian, English, French, German and others.

Partners Benefits:

High CR (conversion rate) and a large number of returning customers;

Notta&Belle Many GEOs

Notta&Belle Many GEOs

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